Truthwitch Tuesday Recap – October 25th


So a lot happened this week in the frenzy of anticipation of Truthwitch by Susan Dennard. As with most Truthwitch Tuesdays, Sooz and Nicola (@Truthwitch) almost always seem to drop a huge bomb that makes everyone even more excited for the release of Truthwitch. This week was no different.

Sooz and Nicola unveiled a huge new resource for all Witchlanders, a website for Truthwitch which you can find it at! On this website there are so many things for people to do. Want to find out what your hometown in the world of Truthwitch is? There’s a quiz for that! Want to know how to swear as vibrantly or colourfully as Safiya, one of the main characters in Truthwitch? There’s a page dedicated to that! You want to explore the places in the Witchlands? There’s a HUGE interactive map for that with so many interesting details for that!

Also, this #TruthwitchTuesday also included another fun challenge. If 100 people retweeted Sooz’s tweet, we would be able to unlock a certain dance scene from Truthwitch! Everyone rocked because the challenge was completed in less than half an hour! (And here I was late to it because of stupid band…) So you can now view this exclusive scene on!

Is that enough awesomeness for you? Oh but wait, there’s MORE. Sooz and her team have spoiled us even more. With what you may ask? A freaking preorder giveaway is here. If you have preordered Truthwitch, head on over to the website and submit your receipt for a signed bookplate from Sooz and a coolio double-sides poster which I believe has not yet been revealed. But nevertheless is bound to be AWESOME.

Overall this Truthwitch Tuesday was absolutely AMAZING for all fans of Sooz’s upcoming release of Truthwitch, and I bet she and her team still have a hell of a lot up their sleeves.
Reminder: There is still a competition going on with @Truthwitch! Are you super good at colouring? Well now’s your chance! Nicola has a super awesome line art of the sea fox from the book! Colour it and tag @Truthwitch as well as #MySeaFox for a chance to enter and win an ARC of Truthwitch! Head over to her profile for more info!


Thank you for reading! I hope this week’s recap of Truthwitch Tuesday was helpful to some of you! If you have any questions or comments, be sure to comment below!



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