Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Authors I Would Like to See Work Together


I’m going to be starting this meme, Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish over here. Okay today’s theme will be “Top Ten Authors I’d Like to See Work Together” even though it was for a couple of weeks ago, this one opens up SO many possibilities and didn’t have a chance to participate in it as I hadn’t even started up my blog back then. So, I’m doing it now and will continue with the regular schedule next time (as long as I don’t have homework). Okay? Okay.

5. John Green and Rick Riordan

Okay this combo would result in the most hilarious, heartbreaking, nerdy story that could only be described as AWESOME.

4. Leigh Bardugo and Marissa Meyer

They kind of write two total different ways, but how they put a twist on something old and known is similar. But if they actually do this, my heart is going to break from the romance and the darkness that may or may not consume them. *dies*

3. Marie Lu and Josephine Angelini

This would legit be the most dark, and horrifying protagonist story ever. I would be so scared to read this because the protagonist will legit be introduced as the good guy and the whole story will end and it turns they are slowly turning into the bad guy. And this would just be so epic.

2. Taherah Mafi and Ransom Riggs

They are married, and super cute married, but also amazing writers. They could do it. And it would be amazing because their writing is amazing. Just married couples doing things together is amazing okay?

1. Susan Dennard and Sarah J. Maas

This should be everyone’s top duo because I mean, duh, just look at the Starkiller’s Cycle! It’s pure gold! They are awesome writers individually, but together they are the bomb. If they ever worked on a published novel together, I would freak and buy it immediately. *fangirls way to hard*


I hope you enjoyed this week’s Top Ten Tuesday! If you have any author duos you think would make a great team, let me know in the comments below! Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great rest of the week!



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