Super Secret Blog Tour: Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

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Woot! Woot! Who’s up for some more Truthwitch appreciation? Of course, EVERYONE is right? Haha… okay you don’t have to be, but just know that I’m super excited to be promoting the release of Truthwitch by Susan Dennard! Because, well, Sooz is super awesome to everyone she knows, so why not return the favour?

This Secret Truthwitch Blog Tour is a surprise blog tour hosted by Liran (@ Empress of Books) and will be running all throughout the rest of the week! We are a mix of street team members and Clanless to spread the love and appreciation for Truthwitch and Sooz! We’re different since we’ll be posting content we created in anticipation of Truthwitch! (OMG so many exclamation marks!!)

To participate in this blog tour, I’ve written a fanfic where Suzan and Serah (definitely have no connection with Susan Dennard and Sarah J. Maas… okay they maybe there is a little connection! ;]) have encountered some Voidwitches and are literally running for their lives. I completely went overboard with this I think (I planned maybe 400 words or something), and I’m not sure if everything I wrote works with the world of Truthwitch, so please excuse any inaccuracies while reading this, it was for pure pleasure as maybe a thought of what would happen if Sooz and Sarah were transported to the world of Truthwitch! 

So without further ado, please enjoy!


   They were after them and they really couldn’t do anything about it.


   Suzan zigzagged through the trees, nearly nicking the sides of her face, running for her life. Her Threadsister, Serah, was close behind her, also panting, trying to dodge all the fricking leaves falling in her face.

   “I can’t believe you managed to get a freaking Bloodwitch AND a Blockwitch on our trail, Serah!” shouted Suzan over the howling rain.

“Hey! It’s not my fault that we both are so damned clumsy!” Serah yelled back, “I can’t believe we managed to fricking mess up the plan! We planned it so bloody well!”

   “There was no way even a rutting Futurewitch could have predicted this!” declared Suzan. They had been trying to find the legendary Wordwitch in those old stories everyone from their village had heard. Suzan and Serah were absolutely enchanted by the stories! How had the rumoured Wordwitch survived the Hundred Years War? It’s been years of planning when eventually they’d tracked him down to this little old forest out in the middle of nowhere last night. Serah had scouted last night, found the mansion and saw signs of the dude actually living there so they decided to wait until the next day to approach him, after all, it was well past the peak of the moon at that time.

Turns out they shouldn’t have bothered because obviously he wasn’t too keen on visitors. Why? Because he sent out his thrice-damned, muck-eating Bloodwitch and Blockwitch to eat them for fricking breakfast.

Who knew such a legendary man would keep such taboo witches as his buffoon-brained security force? But then again, the Threadsisters were ultimately screwed anyways.

The rain was starting to come down really hard, and it was making it difficult for Suzan to concentrate on shielding Serah and herself from the raging storm. Being a Waterwitch in the middle of a fricking forest was finally coming in handy. But, she was becoming exhausted from using her powers constantly, and cold; a cold blanket was starting to envelope her.

Normally, Serah would be able to warm them both up, being the incredible Firewitch she was, but that hell-flaming Blockwitch, who sounds like he’s drowning in his own spit, temporarily disabled her fire powers in the middle of the encounter.

“You doing okay there Sooz?” asked Serah between breaths.

“Yeah, I’m super fine. Don’t worry about me, we’re still running from those bloody bastards, you remember?” says Suzan just as she ran into a branch face first.

“You don’t look so good,” points out Serah as her Threadsister’s face begins to pale, “why don’t we go to that stage?”

“No, I’m not risking our chances.”

“Well if we don’t, you are going to end up fainting and then for sure we won’t get another chance, Sooz.” Serah quickly grabbed Suzan’s hand and squeezed tight.

Something started to feel right about the world, like something snapped into place. They’ve done it before but the feeling always felt as if it was their first, always this conscious craving of wanting being whole again. Energy flowed through their veins and their inner energies intertwined. Strength pulsed through their bodies as they became one. The Threadsisters together had become one sole entity. This was absolute.

Serah and Suzan felt they could take on the world with each other at their sides. And they dared.

They stopped running as time began to slow around them. Their enemies approached and then began the epic duel to the death. Suzan withdrew her crescent daggers and Serah, daggers forged from hell-flame itself.

The Threadsisters were friends beyond death, and powerful individually. But when their powers are combined, they were invincible. And boy, did the sodding Voidwitches not know what to expect. The Threadsisters unleashed death.

They slashed and parried the strikes of the Voidwitches’ swords. Serah’s fire witcheries were back at full force, and Suzan’s watery forces were stronger than ever. They combined the powers of their magic with their badass dagger skills and wove them together in an intricate dance with the tips of their blades.

A whirlwind of death would be a complete understatement. There was storm and fire behind each of their eyes as they deflected and danced to the steady beat of the downpour.

They managed to completely obliterate the Blockwitch, and he was now a murky carcass decomposing in the a dark corner of the forestry battlefield.

But now the Bloodwitch will be a huge pain in the arse because no matter what the sisters did to hack at him, he would just piece himself back together within seconds. There was only one thing they could do, behead him. And that’s what they did.

Suzan threw her dagger and it caught itself right on the side of his neck. Using her water witchery, she redirected the pouring rain to further embed the dagger within his neck. The Bloodwitch screamed in agony as Serah also lit the knife aflame as he desperately tried to take it out without burning himself. It seemed as though the scene went on forever, the screaming went on and on. He looked at them both with merciful eyes as together, the Threadsisters, closed in upon him and reluctantly made the final blow. His body collapsed at their feet as his head lolled over the mushy grass.

It was disgusting how much blood there was. With the rain drenching their clothes, the putrid smell in the air was amplified. They stood there together holding hands, as time began to run again. They collapsed against the nearest tree as their adrenaline began to slow down.

“What the hell did we just do?” whispered Suzan to her Threadsister. She was exhausted from all that fighting. It’s not everyday you take on two Voidwitches.

“We just fricking killed two people,” swore Serah, “We killed two people that were trying to kill us, it was them or us, Sooz. The least we can say is that we are safe for now.”

“Yeah, you’re right Serah,” Suzan agreed, “Sorry for almost collapsing there.”

“Nah, you don’t need to be sorry. We got through it right? We both made it out alive with minimal injuries, I think we can say that deserve a two week vacation after what we just experienced.”

“Hey, hey, hey… Can we have some sleep now first? I think we both deserve that before even thinking about a vacation!”

“Yeppers. We’ll storm that damn, sodding Wordwitch’s house after our much needed nap.”

And so, the Threadsisters fell fast asleep curled around each other with the towering tree protecting them. As the clouds dissipated, the sunshine of hope broke through the sky.


Haha… I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it! (Despite the fact that it was probably really bad… since that was my first time ever writing a fic! XD) I hope it wasn’t too bad lol.

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Thank you for reading and I hope this was an entertaining post! Do you have your own ideas about what might have happened if Sooz and Sarah were put into the world of Truthwitch? Let me know in the comments below!


** I do not own the world of Truthwitch as it was created and owned by Susan Dennard. This story was created purely for pleasure as the author of it does not intend to receive any compensation for writing it. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this fanfic! **

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