Art Dump #1


Yos, so this will be a new sort of thing on my blog. You may know that I love art and tend to do some art and post it on Twitter for my Twitter fam to see, but I thought I may as well do it on my blog as well.

As of now till February this won’t be often since I don’t have art until next semester, so don’t expect too much too often for now. Today’s post will just encompass all the stuff that I’ve had on Twitter for now. In order of how old it is, shall we?

 photo CVfjdWCWsAAZvBu_zps39vp4vml.jpgSuper proud of this Kuroko no Basket redraw. Summer 2014.

 photo CPwzQrlUAAE_Yt6_zpsqsbjkhzn.jpgPercy Jackson. October 2014.

 photo CPOC29fWUAAtdx3_zpsj9cg2dl3.jpgRowan Whitehorn with longggg hair. September 2015.

 photo CQ5Cx1XUAAAKBCz_zpswogrz7pf.jpgRowan Whitehorn <3. October 2015.

 photo CVgJlb-VAAAN8at_zpsof3iwatz.jpgVal from Nicola’s WIP. December 2015.

 photo CVgSul3VEAApTJ6_zpsilu2m6ql.jpgAlex from Nicola’s WIP. December 2015.

 photo CPqpZ6hUAAA7gnd_zpsosoo86ff.jpgFor Truthwitch Street Team. September 2015.

 photo CVf_o9EUsAA8gOp_zps6uuzmq2l.jpgLeo Valdez. December 2015.

So there’s that. As you can probably tell, there’s a huge gap in terms of months where I haven’t been really drawing all that much. I hope to be getting more into the groove of things. Most of the art that I’ll be posting will probably be fanart because, I mean, who can’t get enough of that? I hope to improve on my girl drawings (I’m not sure why, but I don’t feel like they turn out very well). As well as actually drawing more, haha.


I hope you enjoyed this first Art Dump! Let me know in the comments what you think of this new type of post and what you thought of my art! Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it!


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