Truthwitch Tuesday Recap – December 6th


This week’s Truthwitch Tuesday was very, very cool. As always Susan Dennard and her team never disappoint. This week, the release of the news was much earlier in the day, around 9:30am. (I know because I was on my phone throughout all of French class. :P)

Anyways, some BookTubers had the pleasure of revealing a video talking about the friendship between Sooz and Sarah J. Maas (author of the Throne of Glass series), and how that influenced Sooz’s writing in Truthwitch! If you haven’t yet watched it, here is is down below from Jesse the Reader! (You might want some tissues because it is so beautiful.)
I just want to say, Sooz has an amazing relationship with Sarah, and I ship #Sarusan wayyyy too hard. Definitely friendship goals! Did I mention that I cried in the middle of French class watching this?
Also, the Book Belle, had the amazing opportunity to hold an interview with the two lovely ladies. If you haven’t wanted it yet, it is also down here below.
Oh god, I cried wayyy too much that day in French class haha. I definitely learned a lot about their friendship and look forward to reading about how it influenced Safiya and Iseult’s friendship in Truthwitch!
Other exciting news: WE ARE LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY FROM THE RELEASE OF TRUTHWITCH!!! To be honest, I never thought it would come any faster! So excited to hold the final book in my hands and finally read this amazing story that I have helped to promote for the last couple of months.
Just a reminder:
– Susan and Alexandra Bracken are having a book tour together to promote Truthwitch and Passenger!
– There is a Truthwitch preorder giveaway if you log your preorder on; you get a signed bookplate and an awesome double-sided poster!

– Make sure to follow Sooz on Twitter (@stdennard) as she regularly holds giveaways for ARCs of Truthwitch!
– #ClanChat is happening on Sunday at 11AM EST! Bet there or be square! 😉


What did you think of this week’s Truthwitch Tuesday? Any thoughts on what next week may hold?



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