The Holiday Book Tag


  This tag was originally created by my good friend Megan over @ Magic Book Buyer!

Thanks for tagging me, Megan!

1. Take a picture of your green and red books!

2. Would you rather drink tea, hot chocolate, or coffee while you’re bundled up reading?

Any of them would be fine while reading honestly! Though I would really prefer not to drink anything while reading a book because I’m sort of clumsy and might end up knocking over the cup! XD

3. What is your favorite book to read around this time of year?

Like Megan, definitely Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone or any Harry Potter book! Just all the feels, and the childhood, holiday vibes from that one.

4. What is a book you’re really hoping to get this holiday season?

I’m hoping to get Truthwitch in the new year and possiblyyyy Heir of Fire and Illuminae! I got a $50 gift card so I’m waiting on a good Indigo holiday sale!

5. If you could, or if you are, what book would you gift to someone this season and why?

Oh man, I have no idea. I’d probably gift my cousin with a book from the Throne of Glass series since I got her into it this past month and she’s craving more!

I’m tagging:
– Claire @ Blankslaters
– Duane @ Duane Reads
– Alexandra @ Literary Legionnaire

Happy Holidays! 🙂



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