The Beautiful Blogger Award

Thanks Claire at BlankSlaters for nominating me for The Beautiful Blogger Award! I’ve never done anything like this, so this will be a first. Go check out Claire’s blog! She has an amazing blog!


  • Link the blogger who nominated you
  • List seven random facts about yourself
  • Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers
  • Notify the amazing people you nominated for the award


FACT #1: I’m a lefty but technically ambidextrous

It’s weird. I say I’m a lefty since it’s so much easier than saying I’m ambidextrous. I mostly write and draw with my left, but I can also write (but not draw since it ends up looking like crap) with my right. In sports with balls, I can use either hand/leg. For racket or bat sports, I’m right hand for, but I’ve been practicing with my left and getting pretty good. The only thing that restricts me, is that I have to use scissors with my right hand.

FACT #2: I can’t dance for my life

I can’t dance at all. Literally at school dances my friends are like “wtf are you doing Em,” and then I go sulk in the corner and hang out with my phone. Yeah… so please never ask me to dance.

FACT #3: I play a lot of sports

I can’t dance to save my life, but I’m pretty good at sports! I’ve probably played a majority of the popular sports for a period of my life. However, I’m pretty solid with the ones I’m doing now (karate and badminton) since I’m actually pretty good. I’ve won three tournaments for badminton after only playing competitively for two years and I’m almost at my black belt after nine years.

FACT #4: I always wear a ponytail

I always wear a ponytail, especially in public. I just can’t stand my hair waving all of the place and I can’t think properly without it tied up. Yep, I’m weird.

FACT #5: I’m a huge adrenaline junkie

I once jumped out a two-story building last year, thinking it would be fun. It was, but it kind of hurt afterwards lol. I also love roller coasters and stuff like that. Am I scared of that stuff? No, not really.

FACT #6: Yet, I have never broken any bones

I do all this crazy jumping and stuff, yet I’ve never broken any bones. Weird. Maybe it’s because I have really flexible joints? My wrists and ankles are double-jointed.

FACT #7: I’m slightly colourblind

This is pretty bad as an artist. I get confused between orange and pink, and blue and purple sometimes, so I pretty much stick to black and white for most things.

So here’s seven random facts about me. I know, I’m weird. And for the nominations!

I nominate:



Make sure to check out all of the blogs I nominated! All of them have lovely and fantastic blogs!



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