2015 in Perspective + 2016 Foreshadowed


Here’s my wrap-up post for 2015, and some goals for 2016. I love you guys.

How was 2015 mashed into a short summary?

So 2015 was a year of recovery mostly for me. 2014 was a particularly divided year, with the first half being completely good, and the second half was terrifyingly painful for me. 2015 made up for 2014 in so many different ways and I am so glad for it. But anyways, enough about me. Onward!

In 2015, I rediscovered the bookish community. Sure, I was a part of it before, but I started moving away from it during 2013-2014. And BAM, I became obsessed again after starting the Throne of Glass series! (Seriously, what would I ever do without you Sarah J. Maas? You’ve introduced me to some of my greatest friends!) So with that, I started stalking Throne of Glass accounts of Twitter and thought to myself on July 9th, “why not just make an account?”

So, I did and I was sucked into everything, including the Truthwitch hype. I managed to make it onto the street team at some point in August, or was it September? Anyways, that was the start of ACTUALLY getting to know people on Twitter.

In October, I finally made a book blog. I loved sharing my opinions of Twitter, so why not make one place for all my bookish thoughts? (Do you see a trend?) And here I am. I’ve been blogging for two months and eleven days, and it’s been a blast so far. So here’s some stats for 2015’s two months and 11 days:

Followers: 25

Views: 3393

Comments: 114

Posts: 37

I think it’s pretty good for that short amount of time, eh? You can find my 2015 posts on the sidebar’s archive, or scroll through them right here.

In 2015, I also accomplished my Goodreads goal of reading 30 books during the year. Although I rushed a little at the end, I still had a good 3-4 hours left of the day. You can view my challenge and the books I read last yearΒ here, and my year in books here.

How about we move onto some foreshadowing goals that are going to be accomplished in 2016?

1. Pass my Goodreads Challenge of 35 books.

2. Post at least twice a week on this blog.

3. Co-host a read-a-thon/read-along. (More details to come soon!)

3. Draw something at least once a week.

4. Post on Instagram at least once every two days.

5. Have my marks stay in the mid-high 90’s.

6. Win my third badminton tournament.

7. Train hard to earn my black belt in 2017.

8. Finish The Raven Cycle.

I have added some non-bookish goals as I need somewhere to write it down in public or else I probably won’t achieve them lol. I didn’t join any reading challenges for 2016, nor did I set any specific goals because I have no idea if school’s going to be killing me soon. Simple goals I think.

As for goals blog-wise, I don’t really believe in number goals. Sure, I want them to improve, but I’d rather let it take it’s own course with minimal pushing. As for ARCs, it’d be cool to get physical ARCs, but it’s not so much of a goal, as it is a personal achievement for when I’m ready.


In the end, I’m so ready for 2016 to happen. This is the year of amazing book releases, and I’m so glad to be a part of the book community. Seriously, thank you guys for everything. Here’s to a great year. Happy 2016 guys.



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