Booknerd New Year’s resolutions that might not get accomplished! (Ft. Alexis J.)

Today I have had the great opportunity of having a special guest here on my blog! Please welcome Alexis, over at Mad for Books, Luv. If you’d like to know more about her, just click here! 
And now for the guest post because that’s what we are all here for anyways right?! Let me hand it off to Alexis! Take it away!


For this guest post Em and I decided on doing a New Years theme, If you’d like to see her post over on my blog, just click here.
My post will be: Booknerd New years resolutions that might not get accomplished! 


I am not saying that anything on this list is IMPOSSIBLE to do, but for many readers you are busy and have a lot to do during the day, and you don’t have a lot of time to read all day. 
But we all want to. 

1- Actually read ALL the books on your TBR. 
you could if you stopped adding books to your TBR, but it is impossible to finish your TBR because it just gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger until it’s the size of Mount Everest and your the size of a worm . . . 


2- Blog Everyday! 
this one is also possible, BUT making a post for every day could get stressful! It sounds fun, I definitely am making this my resolution, but I have a feeling that I may fail because I tend to forget about the posts I should have done a week ago . . . oops. 
3- Stop Procrastinating and Read! 
We all do it! It’s mostly twitter for me, I mean all the authors are always chatting and when one stops another goes and you just don’t have time for breaks XD 
Even though we do it, we sometimes regret it. 
But also, I need to remember that reading isn’t a job. I always think I HAVE to read or I’ll get behind. There is no behind . . . besides when you make a goodreads goal and feel obligated to reach 100! 
I’m doing it this year people! 
4- Spend More Time With Family. 
Just humor me, here. 
It’s family game night but you REALLY want to finish this book.
the books are calling to you, and you know you want to read. Go to the books. 
Game night can wait just one more day . . . 
5- Binging
I should really read, but I only have five more episodes in this season . . . 
I could read later. 
*Season five ends* 
I’ll just start the next season . . . I can’t just stop on a cliff-hanger! 
6- Go to bed earlier than 3 a.m. 
12: this book is SO good! 
1: Woah, didn’t see that one coming
2:30 : almost done!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ 
3: Maybe I’ll just start book two and call in sick tomorrow . . . ? 
7- Add (however many books) to my reading goal on Goodreads
Very Possible, but also alot more books. And a lot more reading, which is good! but like me, I didn’t finish my 2015 goal, so I am keeping it the same (100) and hoping I reach it XD 
And if you put 1000 books . . . I’m jealous because I want a lot of time to read. 
8- Meet all your favorite authors! 
To me, that sounds amazing! But, authors aren’t always at the same signings or in the same place. And, like COMIC-CON they are expensive sometimes! and if your like me . . . well we are the poor people. But, I will make it to comic con and I will bring you all with me. 
(i have no idea, but I’m cool with it if you are *wink wink*) 
And to the wonderful people who can meet all their favorite authors, have a nice time and send me pictures! I love pictures.
9- Give away some of your book related stuff
It doesn’t ‘seem’ like a hard thing to do, but for me it is. It’s the HARDEST thing to do. I have asigned shirt and I would cry my eyes out if I gave it away. 
But I will BUY stuff to giveaway . . . just not MY stuff. 
I know, I’m selfish! but I love my stuff to much XD
10- Start drinking more tea/coffee!
Lots of people like both, or they don’t like either, and then there are the few that like only one. 
And some people may put their new years resolution as “start drinking/liking coffee or tea”. 
Coffee and Tea are BIG in the book reader world, but you don’t have to like one or the other to be considered a “booknerd” or bookoholic! 
you just have to like READING. 
I myself enjoy Tea, I like coffee too but I have tea more. I would love to be able to drink plain black coffee though! The only way I like my coffee is when there’s loads of sugar and cream in it!
Maybe one day I’ll like plain coffee! 
The reason why I say you may not finish this one. Is because, most people can’t stand it so after the first sip or two they toss it. Won’t try it again. Some people deal with the gross taste and drink it until eventually, they begin to like it. 
I was like that with coffee for a while, now I like it. 
 That’s it for the Guest Post! I hope you enjoyed my “resolution’s that you may not finish”! Go visit my blog to see Em’s guest post, here!  
Thank you Em for letting me Guest post with you! I’ve had an amazing time ❤ 
Happy New Years everyone! 
Good luck with your Reading Goals! 

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