Truthwitch Tuesday Recap – January

This is sadly going to be the last Truthwitch Tuesday recap, as Truthwitch was released on January 5th and the promotion train is coming to a close. Buttttt, BOY THERE’S BEEN A HELL LOT OF STUFF TO CATCH UP ON. Okay, let’s begin shall we?First off, Susan’s website has been topped off with all of the Truthwitch Tuesday videos and chapter excerpts from Truthwitch! Maybe you missed one of them one week? Well here’s the list!

Also, maybe you missed the glorious book trailer for Truthwitch (made by the amazing Sooz herself!!), so here it is embedded below for your viewing convenience:

In addition, Sooz has up three (yes, I said THREE) exclusive excerpts from the book! So in case you haven’t received your copy of Truthwitch yet (I know some international friends as waiting…), you can read the first two chapters (Chapter 1, and Chapter 2) and an excerpt of one of Sooz’s favourite scenes!

There’s also a hell lot of cool other stuff on Sooz’s website such as fun quizzes and interesting facts. So I’ll just leave this here for you… thewitchlands.comΒ 

Okay, and then on January 5th, TRUTHWITCH RELEASED!! Even though I’ve probably said this a billion times already, CONGRATS SOOZ!



Because I mean honestly??? How cute are you??? Could you get any cuter???
Anyways, that aside, we began the #TenDaysofTruthwitch! So many different challenges, here’s a brief schedule below:
Lots and lots of fun! The #PassTruthParty was a blast!! Missed it? Don’t worry here’s a link to the ENTIRE video! (X) (And guess what??? That was my question being answered first!!)
And get this!!! SOOZ AND TRUTHWITCH WERE ON THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING LIST AT #4!!!!! Seriously. CONGRATULATIONS SOOZ!!! I’m so so so proud of you! Keep slaying! πŸ˜‰
Now we all know what’s gonna be on the cover for Windwitch! πŸ˜‰ (Credit to Nicola – @thewickedpowers)
We also just had our final #ClanChat… at least for now. ;( Hannah (@artsy_mae) has a recap on the quiz Sooz had during #ClanChat right here. Lots and lots of fun to celebrate the release of Truthwitch in the UK!And with that, this will be my last #TruthwitchTuesday recap for a while. I’m so happy and sad that the promotion train is coming to a close. I loved helping to promote for the release of Truthwitch, but the thought that the book has actually COME OUT now makes me feel so proud that I’ve cried happy tears wayyy too many times to count. I’ve met so many amazing people and had so many laughs on this journey, I’d once again like to thank Sooz for allowing me to be on this journey with her. I literally don’t know where I would be right now if I didn’t stumble upon Truthwitch when first getting on Twitter. Thank you.

So hopefully there’s going to be #WindwitchWednesdays when it comes closer to Windwitch’s release date? You’ll probably see me doing some more recaps if this happens! πŸ˜‰ I already can’t wait for next year to come any faster!


I hope this was a great way to sum up what has happened in the world of Truthwitch during the past month! Are you excited for Windwitch already? And once again congrats on the release of Truthwitch!




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