Book Talk: Truthwitch by Susan Dennard (Chapters 10-19)


This is week two’s discussion with the Truthwitch read-along host by the Waterwitch Babes! This week’s discussion is hosted over by CandidCover! This week will be covering chapters 10-19!
Since I am also past Chapter 19, there are a couple spoilers! You have been warned!
1. Of the lands that we have visited so far in the book, where in the Witchlands would you want to live, given the choice?
If given a place to visit in the Witchlands, I would like to visit the Origin Well in Nubrevna! I think it would be fascinating! Also, I’d love to see the damaged environment slowly transition to the lively town of Merik’s home.


2. There have been quite a few mottos and words of wisdom used by a few of
the characters so far. Which one is your favourite? Do you have any
special phrases that help you get through your day?
“Stasis in your fingertips and your toes.” – Iseult
These words of wisdom from Iseult are definitely my favourite. I’m not one to show my emotions too outwardly like Iseult, so it helps me keep true to myself. This also definitely gets me through the day when I have small anxiety attacks.
3. Friendship is a main theme that pulses through Truthwitch. Do you have a
relationship like Safi and Iseult? Is there someone out there who
always has your back and will defend you?
I’m not sure if I have just *one* person who would be there, but I know for that the Fire Clan definitely has my back in any situation. Sadly, no one in real life that I know is like that lol.
4. If you were inserted into one of the novel’s epic battle scenes, which
witchery would you like to have in order to defend yourself?
As a member of the Fire Clan and a huge fan of Zuko from ATLA, I would definitely want a fire witchery at my side to defend myself. Not only would it be a great addition to my martial arts, but it looks damn cool!
5. Do you find Iseult to be a likeable character? How do you feel about the
way she is treated like an outcast? Do you think she is a good
influence on Safiya?
I love Iseult’s character! She’s probably my favourite character in the book thus far! I can relate to her in more ways than I can count! Slightly outcasted, logical, blank faced on the outside, strong on the inside… these are just some of the similarities. I don’t like the way she’s treated, however with this aspect of the book, it reflects on today’s society and racism within it. Iseult is definitely a good influence on Safiya as she’s the polar opposite of her! Polar opposites keep each other in check, and with Iseult’s rationality and logical thinking, it also brings out the best in Safiya! Just like a yin yang!



   How far are you along reading Truthwitch? What do you think about Iseult?



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