Book Talk: Truthwitch by Susan Dennard (Chapters 20-29)

This is week three’s discussion in the Truthwitch Readalong hosted by the Waterwitch Babes! This week, the questions are hosted by Dreaming in Libraries which cover chapters 20-29!

I have already finished Truthwitch, so there will be some spoilers!

1. A huge part of the story takes place on the sea. Do you love the ocean? Would you like to travel with the crew on the Jana? Or do you think you’d get seasick?

I don’t particularly mind the sea in any way. I have a life guard certificate, so I’m pretty okay with water. Traveling with the Jana actually seems a little boring in my opinion, like I don’t think I would have much to do onboard.

2. From the boys we’ve met so far – Merik, Aeduan, Kullen, Leopold – who would you choose to be your book boyfriend? OR: From the girls we’ve met so far – Safiya, Iseult, Evrane, Ryber – who would you choose to be your book girlfriend?

I’m quite drawn towards Aeduan. I’m not sure why, but his motives are a little covered up but he highly respects his mentors which I admire greatly. He’s also smart and cunning which I find sort of attractive lol.

3. Did you imagine the sea foxes as described in the book? Do you think they’ll play a greater part later in the series?
The sea foxes in the book are much scarier than what I thought they were when I found out they were going to be in the book. Like I didn’t imagine them to be that huge and fierce and have the ability to destroy ships. I’m not sure if they will play a greater role later in the series, but you know what, anything is possible when Sooz is writing lol.
4. What is your first impression of Nubrevna?Β 
I really liked Nubrevna! It just has this magical atmosphere of hopes and dreams and I was in awe everytime the scenary or the townspeople were mentioned! And the Origin Well, ahhhhhh!


5. Character Spotlight: Merik | “Whenever there were wrinkles, Merik had to smooth them out.” (p. 205) Do you think he succeeds in “smoothing the wrinkles out”? What do you think of his actions so far? Do you like Merik?
I love Merik. He is absolutely fantastic. He has reasons behind his actions so I don’t have any problems behind them. However, I don’t think he really succeeds in “smoothing the wrinkles out” because almost everything he sorts of tries to do ends up not really working out.

Are you also reading Truthwitch? What did you think of Merik?



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