Book Talk: Truthwitch by Susan Dennard (Chapters 30-40)


We are now on our final week of the Truthwitch Readalong hosted by the Waterwitch Babes! This week’s discussion questions are hosted by Ceres Book World.


Once again, spoilers ahead, beware!


1. What do you think of Leopold now that the book is finished? Do you think we will see him again?

I absolutely love his character, especially the fact that we had no idea what was going on with his motives till closer to the end! He’s sweet and loyal and pretty clever. We will definitely see more of him in the future, probably negotiating with the Empress for Safiya I would bet.


2. What are your thoughts about Iseult and the Puppeteer? What do you think could happen in the next book for them?  I think Iseult had no choice but to fall into the hands of the Puppeteer. It was definitely surprising when we learned of this character, but the Puppeteer made me really angry because of the Cleaved she created. (Poor baby K *sobs*) Iseult is definitely going to try her best to get behind what is happening with the Puppeteer.

3. What do you think of what happened in the end with Kullen, or with Safiya?

My poor baby K!!!! Sooz broke my heart and Merik and Ryber too. I can’t believe she did that so early on in the series. THIS IS ONLY BOOK ONE PEOPLE AND SOOZ HAS ALREADY KILLED ME. He did not deserve it!!! *whines* And Safiya, oh Safiya. I knew she was going to do it because she’s too loyal to others. It kills me. I know she and Iseult are going to figure a way out of this though, THEY HAVE TO.
 4. Tell me five words to describe Truthwitch?

Solid, Truth, Friendship, Life, Love.

5. Character Spotlight: Aeduan | As you know I love Aeduan, what do you think of him? Do you think he will change his plan now that he knows the truth? “Mhe verujta” means trust me as if my soul were yours. I like this quote. Do you think that Iseult could trust Aeduan?

I love Aeduan. He will definitely have the internal struggle thus forth with the new knowledge he got. I’m pretty sure he’s going to go with his heart and help the Threadsisters. “Mhe verujta” is honestly one of my favourite quotes from the books. And I definitely think Iseult can trust Aeduan because he’s got this thing about him where he isn’t really the bad guy we think he is. Just misunderstood. Like Zuko. OMG LIKE ZUKO. I just had an epiphany there. Okay, I digress.


Thanks for reading this week’s discussion post for chapters 30-40! I’m definitely going to be writing a review for Truthwitch in the upcoming weeks, so watch out for that! But for now, how did you like Truthwitch? How did you like Aeduan’s character? Tell me down below!

Be the truth in a storm of lies! ❤

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