Reading Styles – One Sweet Book at a Time! (Ft. Claire Wells)

Heyy guys! As you can tell by the title, I have a super special guest on my blog today. So I’m going to be handing this post off to my blogging bestie, Claire @ BlankSlaters Reads! Take it away Claire!
Thank you Em for allowing me to write on your blog! I love your blog and this is gonna be fun to write!
Helloooooo guys! My name is Claire and I blog over at BlankSlaters Reads. Em and I decided to do a guest post on each others blogs and well, we’re basically blogging besties. I am an intense fantasy lover and though I suck at taking pictures – I love pinning writing inspiration pictures on Pinterest. And here’s the twist…I’m not a creative writer!!! Anyway, the subject of this blog post is the simple fact of the difference between Em’s reading style and my own. If you want to see her post on my blog click the link here.
Okay, let’s get to this. I am seriously rapidly typing this at the moment, I’m super behind on my own blog posts and replying to comments and school and bleck bleck bleck I’m doing this anyways. Em and I have talked about this simple subject before, our very different reading styles. While she can read a crapload of books all at the same time – and by crapload I mean 10+ books, in a range of 6-7 months, I read no more than 2 books at a time. (Example below.)
Strangely, up until recently, I didn’t read anymore than 1 book at a time. I refused to just stop reading a book, I had to finish it. I really just don’t know why. I am also the type of person to not DNF a book, another reading habit of mine. The only reason I just started moving from reading one book at a time to two was because I was bored with what I was reading.I really enjoy reading more than one book at a time too, it helps me get through my TBR faster, which I have an enormous TBR – but the other benefit to reading two books at a time is the change. If I ever get bored with a book, like I said before, I can jump to the other, probably more interesting book.

The main reason I don’t read more than 2 books at a time is mostly because I would get lost. I would forget what was happening in one of the ten or more books I was reading. One exception to reading more than two books for me is when I get requests from authors to read their books, usually for those books I never sit down and read it. Usually for those I read them when I have the time.Anyway, this is the end of this guest post discussion! Usually I prefer discussions to be shorter, that way it gives more thinking room. 🙂 So, how many books do you guys usually like to read? If you are the type of person to read more than 1 book at a time, what makes you pick up a second? Thanks again Em for letting me post on your lovely blog!

Absolutely not a problem, Claire! Thanks for writing this post today on my blog! It was wonderful having you! And that’s it for today, folks! Keep on reading! ❤

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