The Great Sooz Readalong: Something Strange and Deadly Part Two Questions

Hey guys! I hope you are all doing well and doing some awesome reading of Something Strange and Deadly! Here are this week’s discussion questions for the second half of the book:


1. What was your favourite quote from the entire book? 2. Which character do you hate and which character do you love the most? Why?

3. Did the prediction you made during the first half of the book come true or not? And if it didn’t come true, are you disappointed or shocked?

4. What do you expect is going to happen with Eleanor during the next book?

5. Who do you think or want Eleanor to end up with in the end? Any reasons?

I’ll be answering these questions in the next few days, and I hope you will too! Next up is A Darkness Strange and Lovely!
Aim for the knees! XD

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