Book Talk: Something Strange and Deadly Part Two

So here we are, back for another week of discussion questions for the second half of Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard! Here is a link to this week’s questions!


1. What was your favourite quote from the entire book?
“Curiosity is a strong fire, and once ignited, it is not easily put out.”
Basically any quote with fire is my favourite. But this one particularly because it connects with me in a philosophical way so yup. That’s my favourite quote from this book.
2. Which character do you hate and which character do you love the most? Why?
I lovedddd Jie because I could relate to her as Chinese and knowing martial arts! I didn’t really like Eleanor’s brother at all until the very, very end because he left Eleanor knowing that he was raising the dead for revenge that didn’t really matter…
3. Did the prediction you made during the first half of the book come true or not? And if it didn’t come true, are you disappointed or shocked?
My prediction was that Clarence was the Necromancer, but that didn’t turn out true at all. I was really surprised in a good way though because it was a kind of big shock for me.
4. What do you expect is going to happen with Eleanor during the next book?
Definitely more adventures with the Spirit Hunters! I couldn’t imagine that Daniel would just leave her there.
5. Who do you think or want Eleanor to end up with in the end? Any reasons?
Well since my first choice was Clarence, and he’s now gone, so… DANIEL! Because he was definitely sweet and tried his best to keep the Empress in check lol.
And thanks for reading this week’s answers to the discussion questions! I hope you enjoyed them and starting next week Duane and I will be doing A Darkness Strange and Lovely! Watch for the questions later on Duane’s blog!

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