Recap: #IndigoSummerPreview – March 16th (Toronto)

Yesterday, Wednesday, March 16th, 2016, I went downtown to Indigo head offices for an exclusive preview event focusing on the teen books coming out in the summer! Hosted by Indigo Teen, I was super excited that I was able to grab the last ticket to go to the first event of its kind.

I happened to be the first person who arrived, so I was a little intimidated at first. But the lovely team at Indigo Teen, quickly made me feel at home and welcome. We had some refreshments as we waited. In my seat, I found a great amount of swag, including an HCCFrenzy button, a Crown by Kiera Cass button, a sampler of Dorothy Must Die, a Scholastic tote, and a Simon and Schuster notebook.
After I, slightly less, awkwardly sat there for a while waiting for people to arrive, the team at Indigo Teen introduced themselves. They are a lovely group of individuals and know how to have a fun time that’s for sure haha. Then we introduced ourselves and I recognized a few faces in the blogging community. What I found funny was the fact that on our name tags we had to write what we were currently reading instead of our actual names lol. (See if you can find me in the image below lol)

Anyways, we moved on to this year’s highly anticipated teen summer releases! (A new favourite topic since becoming a blogger lol!) But basically we moved on to every sub-genre of YA fiction possible. We talked about the “John Green effect”, Reality Check, Retellings: The Original Fanfiction, and Epic Court drama. All of these topics sparked up great conversation between all of us who attended.

I loved it when we got to the topic of how high school English books haven’t really changed at all. And as the youngest person in that room, it was SO FRUSTRATING because they really haven’t changed at all. Also, when we got to the fantasy topics, I was in love because all my new favourites are basically in the retellings or court drama categories! (Carol really knows how to make good titles.)

My highlights of the night:

I got to meet the wonderful, Thissiย @ Long May She Read! Sure, we were awkwardly DMing each other while five feet apart for the first hour, but we got past it, and we were like best friends! It was so awesome! I hope to see her again soon!

Secondly, after the event, we were allowed to take a bunch of free books! I mean who doesn’t love free books?! I mean I got some of the titles that I was highly anticipating for this year! Be sure to look out for a review of some of these here on my blog!

And lastly, I won an ARC of Heartless. *cues the screaming* *actually screams* Yesss that is a picture of me with the book on my lap after I won it. I had to answer a trivia question. I raised my hand and I just had to say the names of the two stepsisters of Cinder and I FREAKING GOT IT. So yes, not just me over here, sitting with one of my HIGHLY ANTICIPATED READS OF 2016!!! Be sure to keep updated with my blog for a review!!



Thank you for putting together this event Indigo Teen! It was super fun to be a part of, and I hope to be able to come to more of these previews in the near future!

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