Recap: PENGUIN TEEN ON TOUR – March 28th (Brampton)

So last week I had the awesome opportunity of going to one of the stops of the #PenguinTeenOnTour to meet five awesome authors: Alison Goodman (The Dark Days Club), Alwyn Hamilton (Rebel of the Sands), Sabaa Tahir (An Ember in the Ashes), Rachel Hawkins (Rebel Belle), and April Genevieve Tucholke (Wink Poppy Midnight)! I met them over at the Toronto (in reality it’s Brampton) stop on the 28th of March.

I left pretty early, hoping to get there at about an hour and a half early. But it started raining, and my dad and I got lost, so we showed up about 45 minutes beforehand. And man, WAS IT PACKED!! I really didn’t expect this many people. Omg, these tour stops really need to learn to get more chairs though because there was like only 20 chairs and like 50 people standing in a line.

Anyways, I digress about chairs because that’s turning into a theme with events I go to lol. I went to go buy An Ember in the Ashes, and Rebel of the Sands since those two are the only ones I’ve read and can afford to buy… I mean I want to read the others, but I had no time before the event. After I got into line, I saw Nova @ Out of Time, and Jessica @ Bookish Serendipity! I’m an awkward soul so I didn’t go up to Jessica until tweeted me later on. I was also lucky enough to meet Emily @ Paperback Princess and see a bunch of other bloggers!

The event started with an MC introducing the lovely authors and asking them questions in which they’d all answer. It was hard to hear from the back, so I moved closer to the front, but given I haven’t read many of their books, I was lost a lot of the time and I wasn’t very interested to be quite honest. So I waited around checking out the store’s young adult section and hung out until it was time to get my stuff signed.

It took a good hour after the talk until it got around to me. I was tired and slightly anxious by that point, but I was definitely excited to meet the authors. I got a poster with all of the author profiles, and got that signed by them. I also got some swag from them as well.

The first book I got signed and personalized was by Sabaa, which was a paperback copy of An Ember in the Ashes. She has this really cool signature with the mask image on it. Then I took out my drawing of Elias for her to sign as well, and she absolutely freaked out lol. At this point, I was grinning like an idiot. Then I got Rebel of the Sands signed by Alwyn, and she also completely freaked out. It was super awesome and I gave her my gold sharpie since she ran out. I got a picture with her and I look so bad omg, I digress.


Overall, I had a super fun time at the event despite the lack of chairs. Yes, I’m still hung over chairs. Anyways, thank you to the publishers and Indigo team for making Toronto one of the stops on the #PenguinTeenOnTour! It’s awesome when we, Canadians, have the opportunity to meet amazing authors like these!


Were you able to meet any of these fabulous authors on the tour?



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