SIX MONTH BLOGIVERSARY + Why you and I should continue blogging!

So apparently I’ve been blogging for six months or something. Here at Piplup’s Shadowy Bookshelf, it’s been quite a lot of fun, but I must admit it has been difficult at times to balance blogging, reading, and schoolwork. Like I mean as I write this, I’m at a badminton tournament and I’m finishing this post in between classes. Anyways, it feels as though I just passed my first month of blogging yesterday. You can read that post here and what I learned about blogging so far. Everything still applies and I have learned so much more. I’ve met so many amazing people and so supporting, I am so thankful that I started blogging. With all my heart, thank you guys so, so much for reading.

So I’m not sure if I’m the only one who does this, but sometimes I feel I want to stop blogging, whether it be because of the workload that comes from it, or external factors. For today’s posting I’ll be highlighting some of my main reasons for why I have continued to blog, and maybe why you should continue, too! Sometimes we lose our way or sight of why we originally started, so I figured this would be a good chance to remind myself and others of why we blog in the first place.

5 reasons why you should continue blogging:


1. It’s the little place in this world you can call yours.

A tweet is 140 characters, there is only so much you can do with that many characters. With a blog, or the little corner that you have in the vast Internet, you can write so many more words about what you think, or feel about a certain topic. For me, it’s a place I can call my own and express my love for books which I can’t quite do in real life because most of my friends aren’t bookish.


2. This is for YOU; have fun with it.

While it does feel like a chore sometimes (which I’m sure you’ve felt before), I have so much fun coming up with posts and content for this blog. Especially for me, school is really boring, and sometimes reading gets a bit repetitive; but blogging gives me the chance to create something, and for me, creating things is so, so much fun. I started this blog for myself, I had absolutely no idea that it would get to this point here today with constant readers of all sorts. I’m not sure about most people, but I’m pretty sure you all started blogging for yourselves. So don’t feel like you are letting people down when you don’t blog for a while because of life, your readers are humans, too. I’m sure they can understand you being busy.


3. You can meet new people, and meet the best friends you could ever ask for.

I don’t know about you, but I have met so many new people since I’ve started blogging. The blogging community is so, so large that I could probably meet a person a day and not have met everyone for yearssss. I can’t tell you how many amazing people and friends I’ve made since I’ve started, and I keep meeting new people everyday. Maybe you’ll meet an awesome friend in a month if you just keep at it.


4. Your favourite book might be one you haven’t read yet.

I know in the YA book blogging community that we talk about books. But YA books is such a huge category that there’s no way that I could have heard of every single book ever created. I know for me, that I’ve read and come across so many great books because I’ve been blogging. For example, in the summer (okay I wasn’t exactly blogging at that point, but that’s besides the point) I started following a bunch of YA book blogs and discovered Sarah J. Maas and Susan Dennard’s books which have both become favourites of mine. So keep blogging, and an amazing book will for sure come your way and rekindle your passion for reading.


5. You started, so why stop now?

As Woody Allen said, “showing up is 80 percent of life.” You showed up. You made a blog. So why stop now? I am a firm believer in not giving up even if things are difficult. I’ve given up many times and in the end, I knew I never really let anyone down but myself. It’s not the regret that got me, it was the fact that I wasn’t strong enough to continue. And I hope I won’t make that mistake with this.

Before I end this blogiversary post, I want to say thanks to some peeps. Firstly, I want to give my thanks to my bestie Claire @ BlankSlaters Reads for basically everything, and everything she does for me. Ily girl. I’d also like to say thanks to my good friends Duane @ DuaneReads and Wren @ The Litaku for being such great friends and always there to talk to. I also want to thank Sush aka S. Usher Evans for being the sunshine in my life and believing in me. And lastly I want to thank the Fire Clan girls (Sondra, Megan, Aneli, Faith, and Jana) for always being there to talk to and the craziest, funniest people I’ve ever met. I know I’m forgetting someone, but even if I did – thank you. Thank you to whoever is reading this and actually reading what I think and feel. It’s an awesome feeling that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Honestly, I can’t thank you guys enough, so once again, thank you.





P.S. I’m running a giveaway on my Twitter for a bunch of swag! The link to it is here! You get extra entries by commenting below! Make sure you include your twitter username so I know it’s you! Thanks! 🙂


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