Star Wars and Me

Star Wars and I have a pretty close relationship. Like books, the Star Wars saga have once been my saviour when things turned dark. So, I was absolutely ecstatic when I heard there was going to be a new Star Wars movies and literally couldn’t wait for it or May 4th this year. Not only is it my brother’s birthday, but it’s also Star Wars day, and let me just say that I had an awesome time geeking out. But let’s rewind to the origin of my Star Wars love.

My dad has always been a huge fan of the original trilogy and after I was born, the prequel trilogy was just coming out in theatres. So at the mere age of 3 (or whenever I started to understand things), I was already exposed to the Star Wars universe. Once I started understanding movies, my dad immediately made me watch Star Wars, and I was immediately in love. Whenever we went to Burger King, I would collect all the Star Wars toys they had, and I would play with them and my dad for long amounts of time.

This love obviously dissipated for a while there as I started getting into princesses and power rangers and other cool stuff like that. (I was a weird child. Anyways when I started to get back into that stuff, I was around nine or ten and started to actually understand the story. I was fascinated by the story of a guy who was torn between doing good and bad and what he thought was right, while saving his loved ones, and the galaxy around him. The story George Lucas crafted is beautiful and one of which I believe is a masterpiece.

I was also into LEGO and now literally own all the Star Wars sets from 2009-2014. To be clear, that’s a lot of money right there, over $5000. (I know, imagine all the books I could have bought with that. But hey, I don’t regret that stage of my life.) During this time, I started reading all there was on Star Wars, the comics, encyclopedias and went to watch the cartoons they’ve made, including the Clone Wars series. I was intrigued by the massive universe George Lucas has started and was determined to know all of it.

Well, guess what? I did read almost every resource available to me, and the concept art from the Star Wars concept books reignited my art interest. Now you think, “well with all this knowledge, I bet you never really got the chance to show it off.” And that’s where you are wrong haha. I actually got the chance to write an hour presentation about my knowledge of Star Wars in sixth grade for an independent study project where I basically just geeked out for a whole hour. (To all those people who were my classmates, I’m so sorry.) Probably one of the highlights of that year to be honest.

Then I started reading. This includes YA novels, and also basically every book about Star Wars written. It’s been fun. But after all these years, Star Wars still hasn’t left me, and I am so glad for it. In an epic tale of the dark and light forces of the world, I can’t thank Star Wars enough for an awesome childhood, ultimately leading me onto this path of reading which has led me to so many awesome friends. Let’s just say that I’ll definitely be marathoning Star Wars on Sunday.

Do you like Star Wars?



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