Recap: In Conversation YA Panel – August 27th (Brampton)

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Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to attend a YA panel at the Brampton Chapters. The authors in attendance included E.K. Johnston (A Thousand Nights and Exit, Pursued by a Bear), Roshani Chokshi (The Star-Touched Queen), Ryan Graudin (Blood for Blood), Lindsay Smith (Dreamstrider), and Leah Bobet (An Inheritance of Ashes). It was a panel in which they discussed questions and answers, and was also followed by a signing.

I arrived about half an hour before the panel started and saw lots of local bloggers already hanging out. And once again, not enough chairs lol. That’s alright though this time because not as many people showed up, so there was less people left standing for the duration of the panel and signing. I still would have appreciated more chairs…

I digress because I keep talking about chairs when it comes to these events. I bought Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E.K. Johnston with a $25 gift card I won the previous night at the YA Trivia Event (possibly more on that in another post). Sadly, the only other novel I read by the authors was The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi, and that I couldn’t really afford at this particular moment. I really hope to read all of the other novels the authors wrote, but my TBR is getting pretty long… One day.

For this event, E.K. Johnston acted as sort of the MC. I soon learned that she brought together this group of fabulous ladies for a writing retreat prior to this event in which they spent the whole week getting to know each other in real life. I found this really cool because all of the authors acted with relative ease around each other and constantly making jokes and stuff.

I also learned a bit more about each of their writing processes and how they got into writing:

  • E.K. Johnston got into it through fanfiction and Nanowrimo for multiple years until she found an editor and then an agent (yes, in that order). I also found out that she’s a binge writer where she can write a whole freaking book in two week. Talk about impressive!
  • Roshani Chokshi has kind of been writing her whole life. She’s very visual so she often makes a Pinterest board when starting a new writing project. Her journey to publication was pretty traditional where she sent out her manuscript for queries and eventually got a reply.
  • Ryan Graudin has also been writing her whole life. She has the most traditional writing style lol. She’s the type to write for six hours on end, everyday in order to get her ideas out and forming a book.
  • Lindsay Smith also has a pretty traditional writing style in the sense that she tries to write a certain amount of words per day after her full-time job.
  • Leah Bobet has been writing her whole life. In fact, before become a YA author, she used to write short stories in different places. I can’t quite remember her answer to this question lol.

Also, someone asked a question about who would they want to co-write with if given the opportunity:

  • Roshani and Ryan would co-write with Laini Taylor
  • E.K. Johnston would partner with Amie Kaufman just so that she can learn how to co-write lol.

Also, someone asked what Hogwarts house they would all be in:

  • Roshani is in Slytherin (honestly hard to believe because she’s such a cinnamon roll).
  • E.K. is a Hufflepuff and commented on how so many of her friends are Slyterins that she has some *Slytherin temdamcies*
  • Ryan is a Slytherin. 
  • Lindsay is a Slytherin. Someone thought she was a Hufflepuff at first and her face omg was hilarious. 
  • Leah is probably a Ravenclaw. I say probably because apparently she has never read Harry Potter. 

 photo maya 2_zpszxfru9w5.pngAfter the panel, there was a signing. I ended up being like third to last in the line, but I didn’t really mind the wait. First, I got my fanart of Maya signed by Roshani. She absolutely freaked out and I was so happy she liked it. I didn’t post it on Twitter so she didn’t really know it was coming lol.  photo ahsoka 2_zps62n2ce6p.pngSecondly, I got E.K. to sign my copy of Exit. Then she signed my fanart of Ahsoka which is going to be in the novel she publishes in October! She also loved it so much! I got photos with both of them! I was really awkward lol.

Overall, it was a great event! I’m so glad E.K. Johnston put this event together because we Canadians hardly ever get events, and this one was definitely a great treat! It was loads of fun, and I hope another one happens again soon! Thank you for the opportunity to meet these amazing authors!


Have you met any super awesome authors lately?



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