BBCP 2016 Sky Blue: Freaky Fiction (Round 1)


In a series of posts, once a month, we will be pushing fictional characters to their limits by placing them in worlds outside of their own and seeing if they have what it takes to survive. Each host has their chosen world and we will be swapping characters each month, to see who will live. Ready? Let’s go.

The world I have chosen is the world of Illuminae. Now, Illuminae was a pretty wild book and its sequel, Gemina, is no less dangerous. The characters I have chosen will be put to the test as they must hurdle over three stages I have chosen from the Illuminae Files. They will consist of the BeiTech bombing on Earth-like planet, the Hypatia, and the Heimdall.

Onto the characters! Which characters are going to have to face the wrath of the world of Illuminae? For this month, I have Rhysand from A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas, and Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan. Now are they up to the task? Let’s find out.

Stage One: BeiTech Bombings on Earth-like planet

Illuminae opens with Earth-like planet being bombed by the company BeiTech and the characters must escape from their school onto a departing spacecraft that will take them into space where they will be safe. This would involve crossing the city, which is still currently being bombed, so that they can reach the space ports where the ships will be leaving.

Rhysand, I believe, would stand a fair chance. In fact, I think he would also be able to help some civilians as well. He’s well-known for his kindness to his people, so I think he would definitely be helping them get to the docks! Given the fact that he could just winnow to the docks, that would be really unfair. In this world, I think he would be really OP because he’s also really fast and strong, and also HE HAS FREAKING WINGS BECAUSE HE’S ILLYRIAN. He would be able to dodge lots of the debris and overall not be affected by it even if it did hit him.

Annabeth is smart and logical and cool-minded when it comes to stressful situations like these. I think like Kady, she would have a really good chance of surviving. I definitely think she would try to help out as many people as she can like Kady did and make sure her loved ones are okay for sure. But I think for her, she would have the greater good mentality so she would risk herself to save the ones she loves instead of herself.

If it were them together, Rhysand and Annabeth would work so so well I think. They’re both logical and clever and really willing to help others to the best of their abilities. They would 100% both make it out alive if they worked together.

Stage Two: Aboard the Hypatia

In this stage of Illuminae, both characters are aboard the spacecraft Hypatia where the AI, known as AIDAN, has unleashed a deadly virus that has spread throughout the ship. The people are now somewhat zombies and no one is able to help unless the AI is destroyed.

Rhysand would be utterly confused because they have no such thing as computers in Prythian. So he would be really really confused. But I think he would be able to destroy AIDAN pretty easily tbh since he CAN JUST WINNOW. Okay, so let’s pretend winnowing isn’t possible. I think he would be able to get to the computer room, but he would end up getting sick because on the way he stopped to help one of the zombie people. Yup. I think he would die with the cause.

Annabeth would just be like up there man. I think her chances would be slightly less than that of Kady’s but I think she would be able to do everything faster aside from the hacking and programming parts. She would be able to befriend AIDAN really fast and overall realize he was tricking her a lot quicker. Therefore, she would be able to escape and meet back up with Percy Jackson the love of her life. *cues awwwww-ing*

Together, they would have a good chance of surviving. They got brains and brawn, but not so much computer genius skills. But I think they would be able to do the job quite successfully.

Stage Three: Aboard the Heimdall

Now onto the final stage… I know Gemina isn’t released yet, but I’ve read it mwahahaha. Anyways I’ll try not to spoil it but let’s just say it’s a lot of fighting and battle strategy. The Heimdall has been overrun with BeiTech dudes who are trying to kill everyone. And it’s up to the characters to stop it.

Ahhhh Rhysand. He would be done in a flash. Of course he has the disadvantage of being male and quite large thus not being able to be sneaky. But I feel he would be able to take down a bunch of BeiTech guys and maybe even figure out how to work a gun in the process.

Annabeth has got this hands down. With so many years of training at Camp Half Blood, fighting is in her bones. And as a daughter of Athena, she’s got that battle strategy well done. She would probably even make it out faster than Hannah Donnelly.

Together they would be unstoppable. One is the High Lord and mastermind of the Night Court. The other is smartest daughter of Athena in more than a century. They’ve undoubtedly got this.


I think Annabeth would be more likely to survive the ordeals that the world of Illuminae offers. She’s much more similar and adept with modern technology and has got the fighting skills that Kady lacked. Definitely the survivor. (Sorry Rhys.)

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