ARC Review: The Union by S. Usher Evans

31213909The Union (ARC)

By: S. Usher Evans
Published: February 14th, 2017
Published by: Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing
Format: ARC

My Rating: 5/5 stars

Prince Galian spends his days ministering to the sick in Kylae, but his nights strategizing how to change hearts and minds of his people. With the death camp closed, the country is becoming more volatile, and even King Grieg may not be able to maintain control over the warring factions.

Across the Great Madion Sea, Theo Kallistrate seeks an audience with the Raven rebels, rumored to be brewing insurrection against President Bayard. But they don’t trust her, and progress has been achingly slow. When the war takes a major turn, Theo and Galian find themselves front and center in a political firestorm that could end with their union…or their funeral.

The Union is the final book in the Madion War Trilogy, which readers have called, “fast-paced,” “compelling,” and “not to be missed.”

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The Union by S. Usher Evans was definitely one of my Top Ten Reads of 2016, and I’m so excited that it has now officially been released for everyone to read! As the finale of the Madion War trilogy, it is by far my favourite of three books. With its complex characters, plot, and very detailed world-building, The Union is for sure worthy of the 5 stars I give it.

One of my things about The Union is the writing of the main characters Theo, and Galian. Theo has become one of my favourite female characters with her stubborn, yet deeply-caring personality, and her drive to fight for what she believes in. Her character has evolved greatly since she was first introduced in the Island, and even though she has to go through tons of shit, she knows she can do anything and will do it for her country and the people she loves. Galian is also a well-fleshed out character. Evans really does a great job creating the “prince-type” character without making him seem like other princes in other YA novels. Galian is deeply loyal and caring to those he loves, and his caring personality complements Theo’s personality well.

Not only are the characters individually written superbly, but their chemistry is written incredibly. I really enjoyed their genuine conversations which are absolutely swoon-worthy. I also love how realistic their relationship is, whether it be figuring out a problem, or being apart from each other. Their love really makes the book what it is, doing everything you can to be with one another.

In addition, the secondary characters were so much fun to read about! While Rhys will always be the lovable older brother of Galian, surprisingly, I also really enjoyed the character of Galian’s mother. The queen was a real surprise and I am fascinated by how much of a sweetheart she is.

The plot in this one. Oh man. I love the Island and the Chasm, but the Union really brought out the surprises. Without spoiling anything from the book, Evans really takes her plotting to the next level with unpredictable situations that are thrown at the two main characters. This book had slower scenes, and also scenes that had my heart pounding uncontrollably. Trust me, there were a couple heart-stoppers in there! She had so many twists and turns, it was a lot of fun to read.

S. Usher Evans always does the world-building the best, and in the Union, it was no surprise that the world became even more complex. We are exposed to more countries, and more details about Galian’s home, and other interesting details. The world of the Madion War Trilogy really just pulled me in and the politics of the world are so intricate that it feels almost real for a fantasy.

Final Verdict:

The Union is not just any love story. It is one set in a complex world with war and politics, with forbidden love and two main characters who would do anything for each other. If you are looking for a fantasy that will suck you right in, I highly recommend picking up the Madion War Trilogy!

endWill you be reading The Union? If you already have, what did you think?



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